More than 100 large enterprises trusted DPS
by linherest - June 17, 2019

For many years, FPT Software’s BPO services have been used by businesses to save operating costs, focus resources on core business areas. Japanese businesses are well-known in the operating process such as Honda, Hitachi … also use this service.

FPT digital processing services are developed according to the digital transformation trend of the 4.0 technology revolution by applying many advanced technologies such as RPA (automated process automation); OCR (Optical character recognition); AI (Artificial Intelligence)… The services consist of two separate sections: Digital Innovation Service and Products. With these services , enterprises can automate the process of processing, analyzing and storing data, building digital resource warehouses, managing hardware systems, software and digitizing support activities (accounting, finance, human resources, procurement …).

According to Mr. Thuan, Ngo Pham Cong (Deputy Director of FPT DPS), the average CSS score (criteria for assessing customer satisfaction) of projects is over 90 points surged, and more than 10 projects reached 100 point this year.

Mr. Thuan said many customers were very surprised about the ability to provide adequate solutions, especially the application of automation, RPA in DPS projects. “The enthusiasm of the partners proves that DPS not only provides BPO services but also enhances the tools and solutions to ensure the delivery time and best quality. said DPS Deputy Director.

In order for DPS to achieve these successes in only 5 months after its establishment, thanks to the investment and preparation for the long-term development of DPS from previous years on technology infrastructure, working environment, preparing resources for development. New areas such as RPA (Robotic Process Automatic) are developed.

The result is also thanks to the strategy of expanding sales / presales from Japan to Asia – Pacific, Europe and America, so DPS seizes new opportunities and closes contracts faster. “It is important to mention the preparation of resources, ready from the Offshore side (domestic) which means “not afraid to work overtime, overnight and work during Tet holidays of more than 500 people.. Mr. Thuan shared.

Currently, DPS has more than 130 clients who are delivering jobs, as well as exchanging jobs and will start in the near future. In 2019, DPS has maintained its target of double growth and productivity increased by 20%, especially keeping its growth rate 10 times higher than Vietnam’s GDP growth.

The FPT Number Processing Service Co., Ltd. (DPS) was established in early 2019, formerly known as FSU BPS (Business Process Outsourcing Services). Services provided by DPS do not belong to any particular sector or industry, but cross-service. DPS helps VIs realize, deploy and respond to data services, operate information infrastructure (IMS), support advising solutions to troubleshoot computer networks and related technology devices specialized in IT (IT help desk), system administrator (AMS), RPA … For traditional BPO jobs, DPS also has services for education, health care (healthcare), marketing, finance (finance), commodity management and logistics (logistic). … Currently The company has more than 1,000 employees sitting in Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Can Tho, Hanoi and Japan.