Digital Processing Service (DPS) is the partner with top Fortune Global 500
by linherest - 6月 14, 2019

Saving efforts while the process of running a business

According to statistics from FPT Corporation, Digital Processing Services are being trusted by more than 100 businesses. More than 30% of them are companies on the Fortune Global 500 list (500 largest revenue companies in the world). Japanese businesses are well-known in the operating process such as Toyota, Honda, or Hitachi … also use this service.

Digital Processing Service (DPS) was developed by FPT Software from traditional BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. BPO is an activity of hiring an external partner to provide services such as IT, management, accounting, data entry, security, protection, manufacturing, customer care,… For many years, BPO services of FPT Software are used by businesses to save operating costs, focus resources on core business developments.

FPT DPS was developed according to the digital transformation trend of the 4.0 revolution. By applying a lot of advanced technologies such as RPA, OCR, AI …, this service consists of two separate parts: Digitalizing processes and technology products. With this service, enterprises can automate the process of processing, analyzing and storing data, building digital resource warehouses, managing hardware systems, software and digitizing support activities (Accounting, finance, human resources, procurement …).

Besides, the two accompanying technology products are akaBot and akaGreen will automate the process by robots and digitize the company’s traditional documents, invoices and paper records. Digital processing services will help solve the problem of converting the number of business operation processes effectively. FPT Software’s representative said that the service made in Vietnam has helped the world’s leading enterprises reduce 40% of processing time and 30% of human resources, while minimizing human errors to 1%. .

Open the new path for FPT Software

Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of FPT Software shared: “In the past 3 years, the number conversion has been considered as a key direction in meetings and discussions with large corporations. In 2018, the company’s revenue from digital conversion accounted for about 20% of its total revenue, growing from 80% to 100%, compared to the average of 30% in other sectors.

In addition to cooperating in implementing digital transformation projects with large corporations such as Airbus, Siemens, General Electric, Shinhan Bank …, FPT Software also realizes its strategy by establishing units. have intensive capabilities in each field such as Manufacturing (Manufacturing), Healthcare (Health), Finance (Finance), Logistic (Transport), Energy (Energy). This is also the roadmap to change FPT Software from a mass provider to provide specialized services, in which digital transformation is an important key.

In early 2019, FPT Software established FPT DPS Company – specializing in providing FPT digital processing services. The newly established company will focus on providing BPO services, data making services, data normalization for learning machines and support for customer conversions. Currently, FPT DPS is going to support many big customers such as self-driving car, AI research … This is considered a new growth engine of FPT Software.

In the coming time, with a team of tens of thousands of people throughout Vietnam and large countries in the world, FPT Software will provide services and solutions to support businesses in operating processes and researching new technologies. In particular, the Vietnamese market with thousands of businesses is gradually digitizing the operation process, digital transformation will be a fertile ground for FPT Software’s services.