akaBot accompanies enterprises in Digital Transformation
by linherest - 6月 12, 2019

akaBot – Comprehensive RPA solution for businesses

akaBot is part of the akaMinds ecosystem of FPT, akaBot was born to benefit businesses quickly, in particular: cost savings, increased productivity, reduced errors, increased scalability existing operations. By mimicking repetitive actions and tasks and using a lot of business resources; akaBot helps automate processes in many different areas: Banking, insurance, retail, transportation, manufacturing …

akaBot combined with AI platforms can be considered as one of the pioneering platforms, paving the way in digital conversion journey. akaBot is easy to install, deploy, and with small deployments it may not even need a specialist or vendor support. RPA does not specifically require the re-archiving of existing systems, thus providing fast and highly effective ROI.

akaBot is built with a unique architecture for enterprise levels and intelligent digital conversion with three main features: akaBot Studio, akaBot Center, akaBot Agent.

akaBot StudioComprehensive tool and easy to create robots

akaBot Studio is designed based on visual graphics and does not require code skills for users. Even an unqualified technician can still use it easily. When creating a process, we will often need to automate similar tasks. In this case, akaBot Studio can help developers create processes that can be applied in many different threads. You can also add it to the central library for easy reuse. In addition, with akaBot Studio parts of the process can be shared between groups and projects, consistent with the fact that many authors collaborate in a workflow.

akaBot CenterCentralize bot management

akaBot Center helps centralized web-based management and notifications; monitor, log and control the akaBot Agent; perform smart scheduling, security management, and 3rd party API integration.

akaBot Agent Secret virtual assistant

akaBot agent is designed to assist employees in business operations, especially those that require human interaction. With activities without human interaction, can be scheduled automatically to maximize the cost and performance of the activities at the office. Specifically, akaBot will proceed to deploy the work:

AkaBot’s practical application problems

In recent years, akaBot has partnered with many businesses in building a digital platform. For example, in the field of banking, data sharing, insurance, telecommunications.

In the past, in the banking sector, the banking staffs had to manually execute more than 1000 transactions per day. This is a low-productivity job because this manual job is easy to make mistakes and time-consuming. Besides, updating the current system is very complicated and costly.

To solve this problem, FPT developed the application platform akaBot and akaOCR to support the automatic implementation of the payment process, including data validation, transaction execution and data storage. The application automates the processes without affecting any of the bank’s operating IT systems.

Thereby improving efficiency and productivity by reducing 40% FTE, shortening processing time by 80%, reducing errors by 50%. Increase customer care efficiency when they can transfer money 24/7.

Reduce human resources

The process of handling internal requirements such as IT, human resources, accounting … of businesses with more than 300,000 requests per year requires much time and effort. Similarly, input data cannot be used as well but still have to be re-entered; Manually entering data into the system is time consuming and cannot track the status of requests.

With the help of akaBot to receive input data for each system, automatically fill in the required data in the form, run periodically to check the status of the request and send advice to the user.

Automation of these processes reduces 40% of processing time and 30% of human resources, while minimizing human errors to 1%, helping to improve customer satisfaction.

Automatic data entry

FPT has won 2 projects with two major customers in the Japanese insurance and telecommunications sector. Customers want to automate data collection and import during manual creation using the “Order” interface in the Insurance Vendor Management System, with about 20% Orders to VMS system in this way.

Automated process automation tool (UIPath Studio) is used to read order information in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that opens the “Order” user interface of the Vendor Management System and then Enter the order information in the corresponding fields in the “Order” screen and submit the order.

This helps reduce FTE costs, reduces human error, and improves efficiency with virtual workers; Improve employee performance by focusing on improving customer service. In addition, FPT has implemented several PoC case studies using RPA and AI such as automatic data entry for insurance agents, account reconciliation, automatic on-board process for new employees, self-re-signing. contract, purchase, receive mail and automatic sorting, automatic salary summary report, automatic financial accounting process, and travel expenses calculation.