Data Processing
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1+ Million
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In FPT DPS, our service starts with converting raw data into a more usable format, adds context so data will be fully utilized. Moving on to further analytics is also offered with quality control systems to meet the clients’ demands.

Data Entry
Data Collecting
Linkage to Other Data Systems
Financial Report
Security of Confidential Information
Input System Developed by FPT
99.98% Accuracy
Timely Delivery
Index Any Volume Of Data

We maximize the ability to handle large volumes of data in a relatively short period of time. Based on the fact that it depends on various aspects of the flow and the environment, FPT DPS enables optimization by precise job design and careful task management as well as several quality control gates by checking tools.

Digital Formats

The formats of input can vary from written characters, still image files (JPEG, JFIF, TIFF, PDF), audio files ( WAV, MP3) to statistical documents. And the output will be delivered in the digital formats under client’s request to be utilized and stored.

Enhance For Different Domains And Purposes

Our process of handling data will be flexible if necessary to match the client’s final purpose. FPT DPS offers high-quality services of data mining, check/form processing,  transaction processing or market research form processing. Exclusive assistance is also considered in most cases.

Transform Your Back Office Administration

Back office will be the division most in need of effective data processing. Back office tasks that can be outsourced by FPT DPS are image data entry, Sales  Invoice, Purchase Order, Data Entry, Form Processing, Document Formatting, Data Conversion, Data Cleansing…

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