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Assessment & Proof of Concept (POC)

In order for us to harmonize, we will survey your business’ processes in which we would evaluate and brainstorm ideas. Based on assessment results, business and technical PoCs are conducted.


In this step, we deliver automation service contains of full spectrum of RPA requirements that businesses gives to reduce cost significantly: deployment, testing and maintenance.

Maintenance & Support

Our team will operate, monitor, and maintain robotics processes, provide management and documentation training and support change management if necessary.


With RPA training service, a company can expand, develop and operate RPA by their own resources. We will support the in-house team for a specified period of time and provide further training.

RPA Platforms
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Success Stories

A big firm has to collect, input and prepare profiles for 300 – 500 new employees every month, taking a lot of effort and high chance of making mistakes…

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A large bank had to manually process more than 1000 payment transactions a day, suffering from low productivity due to human errors and long processing time…

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A Vietnamese retailer with over 200 shopping malls and 17,000 employees needs to input thousands orders and receipts from vendors into management systems…

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