Digital Production

Turn your raw materials into extraordinary experiences

Established Capability
1 Million
Average Entries Created per Month
With the ability to overcome language barriers, FPT DPS provides the high-quality service of handling CAD/ CAM. Outsourcing the process of creating CAD/CAM  from raw drawings enables enterprises to focus effort on innovative ideas as well as allow designers to layout and develop work on screen, print it out and save it for future editing, saving time on their drawings.
E-book Creation
FPT DPS possesses a decade of editorial experience and delivering one-stop creation services. Our specialization is in creating digital content for sales and  marketing, training that the users can easily access on various devices (smartphones, tablets, eReaders…)
CG/VR Production
As an immersive experience came entirely from the computer, CG VR is popularly known as an evolution in film and content making. We assist our customer to create 3D  models, add on effects and animations and improve end-users’ experiences.
Movie Production
Along with CG/VR, movie production services are offered with a range from editing colors to converting formats and other further changes.
Website Production
Our website production service covers from creating landing pages, UI/UX design, HTML/CSS (web design) and data creation for e-mailed magazines. FPT DPS will ensure the quality, security and stable performances of the web’s functions.
Desktop Publishing
Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) services are trusted by customers for over 7 years, in both online and printed materials for publication. As part of our DTP services,  we will co-operate closely with you to create and improve the designs and layouts that present your brand and values while making sure they meet the quality and saving your money.
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