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We maximize the ability to handle large volumes of data in a relatively short period of time and AI

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Data Science Life Cycle

Make sure your enterprise lead the race by completely owning all potential benefits of data in its full life cycle with our data science services.

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Data Preparation

In this phase, the data will be checked for errors and corrected. Especially for large datasets, this phase supports producing metadata and uncovering problems. A workflow consisting of a sequence of data prep operations for addressing the data errors is then formulated. Once convinced of the effectiveness of the workflow, the transformation may now be carried out, and the actual data prep process takes place. In this step, some actions are also be taken for the clean data to replace the original dirty data sources.

Detect Handwriting (OCR)

Takes a printed document ass input from scanner or digital cameras to recognize individual characters. OCR, combining with our other detection tools, helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of office work. It enables the ability to instantly detect and store through handwriting content, which is extremely useful in dealing with high volume data input or high document inflow. FPT DPS supports multiple languages, including Vietnamese and Japanese.

Object Detection

Our tools are quick and accurate. This service allows workflow in your organization to be increased since employees no longer have to waste time on manual labor and can work quicker and more efficiently. We offer object detection service in  either machine learning-based approaches or deep learning-based approaches.

Content Understanding

80% to 90% of business information is in unstructured content. The volume and potential value of the information in unstructured content are huge—even bigger than structured content. But with the right technologies and performance, we can help our client optimize their benefits extracted from their sources.

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