Service Overview
Empower your business model to succeed with Digital Transformation services

A platform provides comprehensive automation and digitization solutions for businesses, improves productivity and saves costs


Data optimization product turns your data into money


DevOps Professional solutions helps your organization achieve harmony of collaboration among Product Owner, Developers, Tester, QA and IT Operators.

Deliver comprehensive BPO services and solution for businesses in a vast array of industries

Cost-effective services support automobile and car manufacturers, component providers, OEMs, dealerships, rental companies, taxi companies, and so on.


The concept of digital transformation has made a surge in fintech, give financial organizations new opportunities to grow bigger and develop treasury functions.


Thanks to digital transformation, healthcare & logistics services are served in a timely manner and make customers remain happy.

Success Stories


AWS Maintain Services

A top car dealer in Japan has the plan to expand 600 stores in Japan and overseas to 1,600 stores by 2018. FPT is in charge of operating their 200 systems on 140 AWS serves.

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Apply RPA To Manage The Remittance Process

The Customer is Hanoi Branch of a mega bank in Japan, with over 200 employees and serve more than 10.000 corporators. The remittance process is executed manually and regularly had errors.

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Digital 3D Map Editing

Customer, currently working in car manufacturer, is in need of creating the features and attribute data necessary for automatic driving and driving support.

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Voice Of Our Customers
We have worked with

Mr. Masahiro Hayashi

Former President and CEO
Hitachi Solutions

“The cooperation between FPT Software with top-ranked companies in the world is forceful evidence that defines the leading position of the company in Vietnam’s information technology industry. Hitachi Solutions began working with FPT Software since 2003. FPT Software’s skillful staff made us trust and continue to cooperate with them until today. Recently, we have developed cooperation with FPT Software in the field of manufacturing, I’d love the relationship between Hitachi and FPT Software to expand and be more fruitful, not only in the field of software outsourcing but also in many other businesses.”

Mr. Takashi Amano

Technology Executive of Toshiba

“If using three words to describe FPT Software, I would use: Young, Enthusiastic and Friendly.”

Mr. Tam Dao

Senior Engineering Manager
Sony Electronics

“The reasons why we chose FPT Software as a trusted partner are that we see a lot of potentials from FPT from different angles. First is from resources and expertise. Second is in terms of capabilities to collaborate with and facilities to work in several projects. Finally, I know a lot about Vietnamese culture, therefore I feel trusted in FPT. FPT engineers, managers and all executives are very cooperative. They are very friendly, understandable and willing to work with the client. They have a lot of enthusiasm to get toughness, so I’m pretty happy to see FPT as a potential client/partner of Sony. “

Mr. Iruka Yoshitsugu

General Manager, IDC

General Manager, IT Development Center

“We have been cooperating with FPT Software in the development of mail order infrastructure systems of our EC site from 2004.
Now we have OSDC 50 peoples to ensure excellent technicians and reduce cost. There are many engineers and Bridge SE who can use Japanese, so we also feel assured of the communication.”

Mr. Toine van Deursen

Essent IT OM Technical Management

“It is highly valued that after FPT took over service from the previous vendor, there is almost 1 year without severity 1 incident what is considered as high quality of service delivered by FPT”